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Investment Advisors, Inc. is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm.  Our only source of income is our quarterly investment advisory fees.  We do not participate in any commissions nor do we receive any other compensation from any of the mutual fund families that we recommend. 

We will provide to potential clients a complimentary no-obligation investment review and retirement planning review.  If you are interested, contact us and we will provide you with further information about what is included in our review.

Our investment approach utilizes various equity funds, bond funds and, when appropriate, individual bonds.  We recomend investments in a variety of nationally recognized fund families including, but not limited to, Vanguard, Pimco, Dodge and Cox, and American Funds Group.

Currently all of our clients are individual investors.  Most of our clients are retired.  We currently manage individual accounts, joint accounts, living trust accounts, profit sharing accounts, IRA's and IRA Rollovers.

Investment Advisors, Inc 

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About The President

Tom Gunn began his investment career in the 1960's and spent several years in the institutional investment sector where he conducted business with banks, insurance companies, and public pension plans.  Also, for a few years he underwrote and traded tax-free municipal bonds.  He holds a M.B.A. (1984) from the Michigan State University Executive Management Program. 

For the past twenty years he has dealt almost exclusively with individual investors.  He has no plans to retire.  He enjoys meeting new people and assisting them with their retirement planning and investment needs.  He also enjoys the mental challenges that the financial services industry provides.  Inquiries are invited.

The most important thing is to define your goals

Elaine Samulski started working in our office in May 2003.  She is responsible for the administrative,  operational and bookkeeping duties.

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